Romantic Suspense

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Twenty Eight Days

Book 1

Sentenced to death…
All hope gone…
Until he receives a visit from victim #6

Condemned for a crime he didn’t commit, Quinten Peterson sat on death row praying for a miracle. He just never expected his angel of mercy to be the girl he fell in love with so long ago.

The press called her a victim, but Saige Lockwood was a survivor. And she had twenty-eight days to discover the truth about what really happened to her that fateful night, eight years ago.

With time running out, Saige desperately needed to unlock her memories . . . before it was too late.

Cover Design by Abigail Higson





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The Next Victim

Book 2

For nine years Faye Ingram had lived with the harrowing guilt of what became of her sister. After all it had been her fault that Kelsey had been driving home from college that dark night…hadn’t it?

Their parents blamed her.

Kelsey’s boyfriend blamed her.

Kelsey’s friends blamed her.

The killer hadn’t only taken her sister from her family and friends; he’d taken Faye’s life…and now it was time to claim it back.

FBI Special Agent Nero Soren understood Faye’s need for answers, except the more questions she asked, the more he feared for her safety. His instincts told him that the killer they hunted was hunting a prey of his own, but was the prey Faye Ingram or Christina Peterson?

Agent Nero Soren along with his partner, Agent Logan Reddick, raced to find the killer before he claimed the next victim.

Available 2018/19

Cover Design by Abigail Higson.