Jackson Hole

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From This Moment

Book 1

The last thing Rona Jameson expected was the scorching connection she feels to Cade Matthews. At twenty-four, Rona is embarking on what should have been her honeymoon to Jackson Hole, Wyoming…alone. Having just gotten out of one relationship, she’s hesitant to jump into another. But there’s something about the forty-five year old single father of three that calls to her.

Cade knows it would be best to steer clear of Rona, but he can’t deny the chemistry and longing he feels towards her. No other woman has ever made him feel strung so tight. The age difference between them however is something he’s not sure he can overcome.

Jake Matthews, Cade’s son, is heading home after receiving an honorable discharge from the Marines. He broke things off with Elise, six years ago, when he joined the service, afraid of her being left alone if something happened to him. Now he’s back and ready to claim the girl he’s never been able to forget. There’s only one problem, she’s engaged to another man.

Can Jake win Elise back and prove to her he’s worthy of a second chance? Will Rona and Cade overcome their doubts and fears, and the other obstacles in their way? 

From NY Times Bestselling author, Lexi Buchanan, two love stories in one, with a touch of taboo.

Also includes the Novella, When We Meet which is a short story, written to run alongside From This Moment, the first book in the series.

When We Meet starts when Grace Langdon is in the hospital, recovering from being attacked by Nick Lucas.  In the hospital she meets Josh Mitchell.

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New Beginning

Book 2

He’s back for her, and this time he’s playing for keeps.

Josh Mitchell has resigned from his job with the DEA, having decided at 29 that it’s time to have a life instead of living out of a suitcase. He buys a cabin in Jackson Hole, a place where he has unfinished business with a hot brunette who he promised to return to seven months earlier.

Grace Landon has finally started to put her life back together after her world came crashing down around her. Being attacked in her own home and having to bury her brother have caused her many sleepless nights. Except, her nightly dreams have turned into so much more as she relives the one night spent in the arms of Josh Mitchell, leaving her craving his touch.

When two of her brother’s associates arrive in town looking to cause trouble, Josh takes it upon himself to step in and protect her at all costs. With his help, perhaps they will both survive the new threat, and each other.

Image Copyright ~ Eric Battershell

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Releasing during 2018/19