Holiday Romance


Christmas Promise


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The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle


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Christmas Promise

A holiday romance to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.

Six months after the loss of her mother, Raine receives a plane ticket to New York along with a notecard saying, you made a Christmas Promise…

Raine remembers promising her mother that at Christmas she would travel to New York. She’d drink hot chocolate in front of the Christmas tree at the Rockefella Center, she’d make snow angels in Central Park, she’d watch the Nutcracker on Broadway, and she’d fall in love on Christmas Eve…did she really have the courage to fly across the country on her own and live out her mother’s dream?

The heaviest snow fall to hit New York in the past fifteen years and it had to be on his shift—his last day in the firehouse before his forced two-week vacation.

Drake was dreading the time away from work especially during the Holiday Season because it made the loss of his brother more profound. He knew that it was time to try and move on with his life, which is what his brother would have wanted…he just wished it were easier than he was finding it…and then one snowy night gives him more hope than he ever expected.

Coming December 2018


The Cowboys Christmas Miracle

Casper James loves living the life of a recluse at his Montana Ranch, until he finds a car by the side of the road with a very pregnant woman huddled inside crying.

When Noelle Scott ran from the clutches of her baby’s grandparents, she never expected to end up stranded by the side of the road during a heavy snowstorm.

This Christmas, with the help of Casper, Noelle discovers love instead of fear, and Casper discovers that no matter what he wants, his heart knows best.

Available December 2018