Bad Boy Rockers, Book 2

Reece screwed up with Callie over the summer, and since then, he’s been drowning his sorrows with drink and women. However, it isn’t working and she’s still in his head. When he closes his eyes all he sees is Callie; her long flowing blonde locks, her slim curvy body with legs that go on for miles, and breasts that make his mouth water. She’s his weakness. He wants her back and will do anything to make amends for his past sins.

Reece ran out on Callie weeks ago while they were in bed together to be with another woman. She should hate his guts and want nothing more to do with him. Her head knows this, if only her heart would catch up. Tonight though, she plans on getting some flirting going with another man, because she wants Reece to know exactly what he gave up all those nights ago.

Cover Design
Robin Harper
Wicked by Design

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