MC#10 One Christmas
McKenzie Cousins Series #10

Ireland: the land of rolling countryside, sheep, and whiskey.

When Dylan McKenzie arrives on the green isle to stay with an old friend of his fathers, the last thing he expects is to be joined by an annoying woman who doesn't give him the time of day. What does he care if the woman ignores him? After all he plans on meeting a beautiful, green-eyed Irish girl, with a voice as sweet. However, his plans always have a habit of derailing.

Jenna McCormick was born and raised in America, but her true heritage lies in a village in County Galway called Ahascragh. Her uncle still lives in the village, and that's where she's heading for a much needed break. It would be perfect if her uncle hadn't invited a fellow American to vacation there too. So what if Dylan McKenzie was the man she had been attracted to since the first day of college back in Boston? He didn't know she existed. Why should now be any different?

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