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Cover Design
Cassy Roop
Pink Ink Design

In Ireland to film a documentary for a big time network in the States, reporter Madalyn FitzGerald of Irish decent, becomes enthralled in the history of Fore Abbey. The small Chapel that sits on the hill opposite the site of the Benedictine Priory, calls to her to the point that she thinks she’s going crazy.

In her dreams she feels his touch and when she’s close to the Chapel, she hears his voice. She hears the clatter of hooves off in the distance, but when she looks there’s nothing there. Her nose twitches with unfamiliar scents.


Raoul Keir is a traitor to the Crown and has spent long cold months fighting against what he believes in. With soldiers on his tail, sent by Henry VIII to capture him, he takes refuge in Fore Abbey with the Benedictine monks—hiding in plain sight—becoming one of them.

Three months later, in the middle of a stormy night, something sends him to the small Chapel…and that’s where he finds a young woman lying in the entrance. She’s soaked to the skin in clothing he’s never seen before.

The year is 1535.