Multi-Author Series

Christmas lantern  on light background

In this steamy Holiday Romance, Christmas Party, Remi and Lucan steam up the sheets, keeping you warm on a cold winters night.

Remi hadn’t realized the office Christmas Party was two days away because she’d put it to the back of her mind. Mingling with her colleagues wasn’t something she felt comfortable doing—never had, never would.

However, this year, the new guy with the slim-fitted trousers cupping his ass, muscles that flexed when he moved, wouldn’t stop teasing her about the upcoming party. Then it was her turn to tease him when he was asked to be Santa Claus. Oh yes, the sexy man was in a full out panic, and then Remi was left stunned when he informed her, she’d been chosen as Mrs. Claus.

Christmas Party is part of a multi-author Holiday Series: Kisses Under the Mistletoe.

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