A Field of Wild Flowers

A Field of Wild Flowers E-Book Cover

I close my eyes and dream of poppies. Not the poppies you find in a florist store, but wild poppies that you find growing by the side of the road, or in fields full of wild flowers. Those are the ones rich in color that bring memories of a life I don't recognize, and a man I've never seen before.

A vacation in an attempt to save my sanity sounds good, but in reality, I'm running scared, because I want that life.

My friends tell me I need to open my eyes and see the life in front of me. Why should I, when my reality is in shambles?

Nothing makes sense anymore as I try desperately to hold on to the life in my dreams.

But, what if that life is the one I'm meant to live?

Cover Design
Kellie Daniels
Book Cover by Design