A Baker’s Delight

McKenzie Cousins, Book 7

As a little girl, Sofia McKenzie dreamed of baking and designing wedding cakes when she grew up—at age twenty-two she has that dream, working in a small exclusive bakery in Lexington, Kentucky. She loves her life and hadn’t really known anything was missing until she met the brother of the soon-to-be bride.

Shane Fletcher made his fortune on the technology market, and although he sold his business, he’s still involved. His past isn’t as cleanas he sometimes wished it were, which is why he runs every time he gets closer to Sofia. She’s unlike anyone he’s met before—she doesn’t see his bank balance when she looks at him; she sees him.

As his sister’s wedding draws closer, Shane has a choice to make: walk away from Sofia for good, or tell her how he feels.

Cover Design
Robin Harper, Wicked by Design

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