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He was the only one I saw when I should never have seen him in the first place.

Handsome man hugging his woman on a beach


That’s all I had now, tears in the rain, all because I fell in love with a boy.

Growing up, he was always by my side—unmovable—even when his friends teased him. He always knew when I needed him closer. I’d wake from nightmares to find myself wrapped safely in his strong arms. I even asked him to teach me how to kiss a boy, and our love grew into something it never should have—something forbidden.

My name is Fallon Scott and this is my story.

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Coming early 2020

Wren is all about butterflies . . .

Rafael is nothing but darkness . . .

After witnessing the brutal murder of his mother and younger brother, Rafael DeLacroix lives in a world of darkness. In an attempt to help his son out of the dark, Rafael’s father, Marcel, moves them out of the city and away from all that is familiar.

Wren is trapped in a world of her own under the watchful eye of her father, the Reverend. Filled with dreams of flying free like a butterfly, her life takes a turn for the better when the new boy next door befriends her.

Not everyone is happy with their growing friendship, and just when Wren and Rafael start to realize their feelings for each other go deeper, darkness settles over them.

Romantic Suspense

Coming 2020

For nine years Faye Ingram had lived with the harrowing guilt of what became of her sister. After all it had been her fault that Kelsey had been driving home from college that dark night…hadn’t it?

Their parents blamed her.

Kelsey’s boyfriend blamed her.

Kelsey’s friends blamed her.

The killer hadn’t only taken her sister from her family and friends; he’d taken Faye’s life…and now it was time to claim it back.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Nero Soren understood Faye’s need for answers, except the more questions she asked, the more he feared for her safety. His instincts told him that the killer they hunted was hunting a prey of his own, but was the prey, Faye Ingram or Christina Peterson?

SSA Nero Soren along with his partner, SSA Logan Reddick, raced to find the killer before he claimed the next victim.


English born Rona Jameson is an author of romance who currently resides in Ireland with her husband, four children, one dog, three cats, and a guinea pig named Merry. She’s been writing since 2013 as Lexi Buchanan, which is where you can find her more explicit writing.